TN ALL Corps

On January 24, Pennye Thurmond and Jessica Glasgow from the Tennessee Department of Education visited Fifth Consolidated Elementary School to observe the TN ALL Corps tutoring program.

TN ALL Corps is a new grant-funded tutoring program across the state of Tennessee. To ensure the program was best organized, staffed, and ready to serve the needs of students, Dyer County Schools implemented the program early in October 2021 before the official start date of January 1, 2022.

“Dyer County is an early implementer of TN ALL Corps and is doing a great job,” said Thurmond. “I love that you have taken the space you have to make this work."

“We are honored that the Tennessee Department of Education took interest in observing our program. Our goal is to close achievement gaps for students who have experienced learning loss throughout the Covid-19 pandemic,” stated Laura Burroughs, TN ALL Corps Tutoring Coordinator for Dyer County Schools. “We are fortunate to have this program in our system. We are especially grateful to our tutors and are confident we will see great success from our students.”

The TN ALL Corps Tutoring Program is offered at Fifth Consolidated Elementary School, Finley Elementary School, Holice Powell Elementary School, Newbern Elementary School, Trimble Elementary School, Northview Middle School and Three Oaks Middle School.

To learn more about the TN ALL Corps Tutoring Program visit: