FES Staff

The National ESEA Distinguished Schools Program’s goal is to highlight the selected schools that have successfully used their ESEA federal funds to improve the quality of public elementary and secondary education for all students–including economically disadvantaged students. FCES’s staff and students are a shining example of the success of the program.

“Fifth Consolidated is extremely honored to represent the Dyer County School System as a National ESEA School of Distinction. Our faculty, staff and students all work collectively towards a common goal and their hard work has shown through this recognition. We are committed to providing our students with an educational experience that provides them with opportunities for growth both inside and outside of the classroom. This recognition is reflective of the overall work happening in our classrooms, the diligence of both our teachers and students, and the support of our community. The combination of all of these factors is what allows us to continue to see an upward trajectory in student learning and success at Fifth Consolidated.” -Lou Ann Peery, Principal

The National Association of ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act) State Program Administrators (NAESPA) recently announced Fifth Consolidated Elementary School from the Dyer County School System had been named a National ESEA Distinguished School by the state education agency in Tennessee. Fifth Consolidated School is one of up to 100 schools throughout the country being nationally recognized for exceptional student achievement in 2021. Only two schools in Tennessee were identified as a 2021 National ESEA Distinguished School.

“We are honored to receive this recognition. The Tennessee Department of Education could only nominate two schools in the entire state. Their nomination of Fifth Consolidated Elementary School is truly appreciated. Our students receive a high-quality education from the staff, and I commend both the students and staff for receiving this distinction.” - Director Cheryl Mathis

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