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The Fifth 5

Every two weeks we recognize a student from each classroom that has shown the five basic expectations that we believe it takes to be successful at Fifth Consolidated Elementarey. 

These expectations are;

· Be Respectful
· Be Responsible
· Be Helpful
· Be Successful
· Be Safe

Our Fifth 5 students for the weeks of Nov. 9 through Nov. 20 are;

PreK - Mrs. Jennifer Ebelhar's class - Tanner Pickard

Kindergarten - Mrs. Tammy Anderson's class - Ava Gibson, Mrs. Kathy Cooper's class - Jenna Claire Anderson, Mrs. Dana Greer's class - Zoe Calvin, and Mrs. Tami Sipes's class - Kaylee Palmer

1st Grade - Mrs. Mary Sue French's class - Trey Bruner, Mrs. Cheri Pilkington's class - Ace Ross, Mrs. Amanda Rose's class - John Parker Noblin, and Mrs. Chris West's class - Nevaeh Williams

2nd Grade - Mrs. Rachele Morgan's class - Saliace Pangowish, Mrs. Kim Newbill's class - Laynie Fox, Mrs. Holly Own's class - Olita Nomura, and Ms. Mellisa Saye's class - Hailee Wood

3rd Grade - Mrs. Tina Boucher's class - Caroline Cash, Mrs. Shelley Murphy's class - Jake Ebelhar, Mrs. Rebecca Revell's class - Ellie Hightower, and Mrs. Judy Ryan's class - Landon Hughes

4th Grade - Ms. Jana Ellingsworth's class - Ethan Houchens, Mrs. Kristi Willis's class - Finley Canada, and Mrs. Emily Young's class - Trey Tarkington

5th Grade - Mrs. Jessica Grill's class - Landon Bivens, Mrs. Blair McDowell - Kylee Campbell, and Mrs. Britni Singleteary's class - Zoey Orr